Du Nguyen, Lead Security Engineer in Visma e-conomic

Security is one of the most important things for e-conomic and we are committed to continuously improve our security to our best ability. This is why we are having the “Live Hack Event 1337UP11” together with Intigriti. The event started the 7th November 2022, where we have invited 30 talented hackers, who will try to hack economic, so we know where to improve our security.

“We are focusing on security because customers trust us with their data and with that privilege comes the responsibility of securing it for them. The world becomes more digital by the day, security is more and more important as digital systems have more entry points for exploitation.”

Du Nguyen, Lead Security Engineer, Visma e-conomic

Our Lead Security Engineer, Du Nguyen is working on helping teams to improve the security of e-conomic so we can build more secure products. This event is another step in improving security in e-conomic.

Only the best hackers in the world are invited

By having this event we get the chance to perform highly intensive checks using a selection of 30 expert hackers from around the world. We create a competitive environment, which allows us to accelerate vulnerability discovery.

“We have people from Europe, Scandinavia, like Sweden, Finland and Denmark as well as people from as far away as Brazil and the US. The reason is that we need the best hackers,” Du Nguyen states.

The hackers will start online but at the end of the event they will come to our office so everyone can meet each other in person.

Sounds like a downside?

“You’d think the downside is us getting hacked but it’s actually an upside as we get some of the smartest hackers to try and attack us because hackers who have malicious aims do the same. In this way we create a win-win situation where we can improve our security while the hackers get to have fun and win prizes,” Du says.

The short term benefit from the event is the improved security we get by fixing these issues that we have not previously found. But there are also long term benefits as: “(…) our developers can learn from these attacks and build software that is more secure in the future. At the same time we create good relationships with the hackers who we can cooperate with in the future” Du says.

The event will end the 19th of November, and the 30 hackers will of course have a separate environment that is reserved for them, so they will not be able to affect our product environment and they will not be able see any of our customers’ data.