Stine Nielsen

UX Researcher Stine Føns Nielsen shares her perspective on the importance of diversity in the workplace. Stine’s personal experiences have shaped her belief that a more diverse workforce can lead to improved outcomes and a more inclusive environment.

Stine firmly believes that embracing diversity is essential for developing the best possible products and services. She highlights the positive impact of diverse teams, which bring fresh perspectives and foster creativity and innovation.

“When individuals from different backgrounds and cultures work together, they generate a broader range of ideas, resulting in more robust solutions,” explains Stine.

Stine’s journey and experiences have shaped her understanding of the importance of diversity in the workplace.

“By prioritizing diversity and inclusion, we can create a brighter future where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute and thrive.” – Stine

Breaking down barriers for future generations

Apart from enhancing the user experience for our customers, Stine aspires to become a role model for future generations. She actively collaborates with a university in Copenhagen, alongside her colleague Rasmus Seindal, aiming to break down barriers in younger people’s perception of ‘who can work in IT.’

And there’s a clear reason for that. She recalls her time at DTU (Technical University of Denmark), where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Technology. With only around 10% female students in her cohort, Stine received both positive attention and inappropriate comments about her appearance.

“I received a lot of support when I asked for help, which was great. However, I also faced remarks about my looks, often focusing on my physical attributes. Although the comments were not meant maliciously, they highlighted the challenges individuals face when trying to deviate from societal norms.I hope that by actively working to create more inclusive environments, we can inspire and empower the next generation to pursue their passions without fear of judgement or prejudice.” – Stine.