Libaan Youssef

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, finding a balance between professional commitments and personal and religious well-being can be challenging. Marketing Automation Specialist in SMO, Libaan Youssef, emphasizes the significance of e-conomic’s new initiative, Flexible Holidays, and the positive impact it has on his work and personal life.

Libaan finds comfort in utilizing his holidays to observe essential religious practices, such as the holy month of Ramadan. During this sacred month for Muslims worldwide, Libaan fasts from dawn until sunset, engaging in introspection and spiritual growth. 

Having the flexibility to take time off during Ramadan enables him to immerse himself in his religious practices fully and celebrate this significant period with his family:

“The new initiative, Flexible Holidays, gives me the freedom to use my holidays to observe and deepen my connection with my faith. It’s vital for me,” explains Libaan. “Previously, in my former workplaces, everyone followed the same holiday schedule regardless of their personal beliefs or celebrations.”

Recognizing religious diversity

Denmark has religious freedom, but the Danish Constitution still designates Evangelical Lutheran as the ‘official religion.’ This directly affects the numerous public holidays in the country, all of which are derived from Christianity.

“Regardless of your religion, a public holiday is always welcome. But it’s even greater to be able to take days off on days that actually have something to do with your own religion. A lot of people say ‘when in Rome’ when it comes to such matters, and for that reason, I’m even more cheerful about the  decision to introduce Flexible Holidays.” – Libaan. 

Employment relationships are about giving and taking

Libaan plays a crucial role at e-conomic, focusing on automating marketing processes and generating leads for the organization. It’s a role that requires flexibility, strategic planning, and constant evolution in the ever-changing landscape of marketing.

Before joining e-conomic, Libaan worked at a marketing agency where he experienced the struggle of fitting into predefined molds. However, e-conomic stood out to him as a company that gives its employees the same amount of flexibility that is demanded from them:

“At e-conomic, I found a place where my individuality is acknowledged and respected. The flexibility in terms of work hours, remote work, and the ability to structure my day according to my own rhythm is crucial for me.”