From left: Bjarke Jørgensen, Theis Kristensen, Simone Holme, 3 students from 7.U, Sertac Bala & Martin Bergholdt

Sertac Bala has just completed a new round of Coding Class with a local 7th grade, with several other employees. Coding Class is designed to enhance the interest of 7th graders in STEM subjects. Being present in the Coding Class, Sertac feels that he is making a tangible difference and that it is “extremely motivating.”

The IT industry is challenged in terms of diversity

Since 2010, when the Danish interest organization ‘IT-branchen’ began counting, there has been a shortage of labor in the industry, and the challenge of diversity, especially gender distribution, has not changed.

Although e-conomic is far above average, there is an ambition from the management to help change the skewed gender distribution of 30% women to 70% men. Sales Coach Sertac Bala would like to help change this unfortunate trend:

“I am a volunteer in the coding class to give young people an insight into how exciting STEM subjects and the IT industry can be, regardless of gender, age, and background. Our initiatives break down prejudices about IT and help them with structure and teamwork skills. We receive a lot of positive feedback from the students, so I can feel that I am making a sincere difference through Coding Class – and that is extremely motivating.” – Sertac

In addition to breaking down prejudices about STEM subjects, the Coding Class program has opened Sertac Bala’s eyes to the importance of being a role model for future generations: “I feel responsible for being a good role model and sharing my experiences, as I myself would have benefited from it at their age.” – Sertac

Part of #VolunteerWithVisma

Coding Class is part of the Corporate Volunteering program #VolunteerWithVisma, which allows employees at e-conomic to use one day off per year to participate. Project Manager Simone Holme, who, together with CSR Manager Nicoline Weih, drives the effort from e-conomic, also participates in Coding Class. For her, there is no doubt about how rewarding it is to participate:

“It’s fantastic to be part of putting IT on the agenda in 7th grade and hopefully inspire young girls and boys to choose a career in the IT industry.” she says, while also encouraging anyone with the slightest interest to get in touch.

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